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Home after Super Hip done Dec. 9, 2009

We are home now after our first procedure with Dr. Paley. We went to West Palm Beach Dec. 6 and returned Christmas Eve. Our daughter, now 16 is doing GREAT after this procedure. She required an extra week of rehab stay and we had many frustrations with the communication between Dr. Paley's office and the hospital, but as far as surgery outcomes we are pleased.
If you have an older child that is beginning their journey to correct PFFD/CFD and have specific questions you can email me as well as if you have not been to the new facility at St. Mary's Children's Hospital:

Beginning Our Journey

We recently adopted a 15 year old with phocomelia of UE and PFFD. Yesterday was our first appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to discuss the options we have for our daughter at this point. She hopes to continue with leg lengthening procedures despite her hip most likely needing reconstruction and her knee without ligaments. Her foot is fully functional even though her left leg it is 6-8 inches shorter than her right. She also has scoliosis that causes her pelvis to turn.

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