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Rotation Plasty

My 8 y.o. son, BJ, just had rotational plasty a year ago. It has been a tremendous relief for us seeing that his limb was preserved vice amputated and for him, his prosthetic fit is better than before. For the past months, he's been complaining of back pain on his left side (the rotated side). Has anyone experienced what he is experiencing right now? Will this be outgrown? Other insights? -Ping

Hi Ping!

Although we haven't had the rotation done, with the pain BJ is having I would suggest talking with the orthopedic that performed the rotation, and possibly another for a second opionion. It's possible that there has been slight de-rotation. Also, I would speak with the prosthetisist, it's possible BJ is just out growing his current prosthetic. At anyrate, keep seeking answers, because he shouldn't be experiencing pain. Good luck and let me know how he's doing!