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Documentary About Subject With PFFD

Triple Knot Productions, Inc has produced a documentary about three young Shriner patients and how they overcome their medical condition or disability. "Going For The Gold: A Tale of Three Kids" centers around Hannah McFadden one of the three Shriner patients who was adopted form Russia at a very young age and was diagnosed with PFFD. The doc tells her story while competing at the National Junior Disability Championships, a Shriner version of the Special Olympics that were held in Tampa, Florida.

The documentaries that are produced by Triple Knot Productions are award winning and are distributed by Aquarius Health Care Media. I invite you to look at our site, to see our achievements and what our purpose in life is. You can also check out our demo page that shows portions of "Going For The Gold: A Tale of Three Kids".

Triple Knot Productions, Inc is a 501 (C) 3 and we are looking to educate everyone that has a pre-existing condition or disability that whatever hand is dealt to you, life is not over. You have to motivate and inspire yourself to move on and acheive great things.

If you would like to obtain this documentary you can either go through our distribution company, and purchase the DVD for $125 or if you make a donation to Triple Knot Productions directly in the amount of $35.00 you will get a free copy of the documentary as well as a letter for tax purposes declaring your donation made to Triple Knot Productions.

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Brian K Dery
Triple Knot Productions, Inc

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