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New to the group....wanting to learn more


We are a medium sized family (6 children) in Texas that is hoping to add more children by way of adoption...specifically children in the foster care system. There is a little girl in a neighboring state with bi-lateral PFFD. Her bio states that she has no femurs, that her knees are just under her hips and her lower leg is much smaller than "normal". She is 5 years old....approx. 27" in height and approx. 24 lbs. I sent an inquiry about her today to the folks at human services and am eagerly awaiting their reply.

We would like to learn more about PFFD as we seek to determine if we are a good match for this little girl. We are near Dallas, with numerous medical facilities, one of which is Texas Scottish Rite Hospital which specializes in children's ortho.

I would love to get some realistic input from others who have experience with PFFD - especially those with bi-lateral PFFD.

Feel free to send me a private message with any questions you may have. I'm a 31 year old female with bilateral PFFD, and I'm more than happy to answer whatever questions you may have. That is, if I can answer them.

There are several other adults on here with BPFFD.

hi, i would like to know more about your experience. can you email me privately at i would like to know about your treatment, and why you got treatment, and how long did it take etc. was the treatment necessary or elective? thanks so much for your time,

Hi there,
Our daughter is 4 and also has bilateral PFFD and her condition sounds incredibly similar to the little girl you described. We live in the UK so i can't offer any advice on medical facilities. However we have lots of experience so if you have any other questions feel free to message me. Jo

H There,

I was surprised to read about your interest in adopting this little girl. I was trying to learn more about PFFD for the same reason. After reading your description of her, I am sure that she is the same little one, we also, have expressed interest in adopting. She sounds like a total sweetheart. Good luck in completing your family. Hopefully, one of us will be her new new mom.