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More Diapering with Spica


Just wanted to update you that I perfected the previously posted technique. As time passes in the cast, Eva lost some weight since she is not eating as much and also all the swelling has gone down, so after about the 2nd or 3rd week there becomes a lot of room between the cast and their bodies. So, I have added a Serenity overnight pad also. So, I take the Poise pad and stick it to the serenity pad and I connect both of them to the #2 Swaddler. I tuck that into the cast and put the #6 over top as I did before. Now, there is no room for the urine to escape and also the diaper lasts longer -- this is great for the night when Eva is asleep for 10-12 hours.

We have completed the 3rd week and have 19 days to go. I really can't tell you how much easier things get as time goes on. She just got so used to the cast to the point where now she doesn't even want it to come off. So, for those of you about to go through this, hang in, time will fly.

Let me know if anyone has questions.