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Children's Book

Hi everybody! My book, Imagine...Amazing Me! is available. Some of our very own children are photographed in the book. I would love it if you could share your thoughts on the book if you received a copy.


Sami's Mom (l-pffd, class D)

We received our copy and I love it!!! I think it is really great that you have done this. If you decide to do another, let me know and I can email you a photo of our Helen. She just turned 2 and is doing well.
(mother of 5, the youngest Helen having been amputated a day before she turned 1)

Thanks, Amy! I'm glad you love the book ~ and I'm happy to hear that Helen is doing well. I'll keep everyone posted about book #2.


Cheryl R
I am a grandmother to a baby to be born shortly that has been diagnosed as pffd. My daughter has purchased the book Imagine Amazing Me and I think the book is great for people to read and see the pictures of these children and the wonderful normal lives they lead. It is very encouraging for people in my circumstances to see this! It gives me hope for our child to have a normal life when he/she is born and in the future.

Hi Libbi,
I have a daughter who will be three in May and has PFFD. She has a tiny femur bone in the right leg and everything from the knee down is at her hip. How do I get a copy of your book?

I am the father of a 3 year old daughter with type C PFFD. I was wondering
how to obtain the book you wrote about PFFD.

I just ordered the book from I also saw that it was on It costed $12.95 at both sites. I'm looking forward to getting it in the next few weeks!

Hi everyone! can get the book either by ordering straight from me (email me personally at and I'll send you an order form...


Thank you!!!


Cheryl R
Your book is a wonderful book to read. Our grandchild will be born with pffd- the right leg. My daughter purchased the book last week and it is a great book to read and understand what they can do- everything! Thanks for writing this book and I truly hope you continue your career as an author!

Thank you, Cheryl! I'm glad that you and your family love the book. It's been such a blessing! I love hearing how the book is being enjoyed by people. What has been great is that it is being enjoyed by "typical" kids...they LOVE it!! I really believe it's breaking down stereotypes. Our kids are special and amazing...all kids are!

True story...a friend of ours (daughter has pffd) teaches high school science. He has a class with seniors (it's an advanced class)...and they were doing an anatomy unit. So, he brought in x-rays of his daughter and read the book to the class. He said that it produced the longest discussion of any in his class. The high school SENIORS were into this book! They were amazed at these kids...isn't that AWESOME!!! I love it!