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Shanes trying a new ortho

Hello all we have had no hope with ortho Drs or shriners

first they said it was nothing maybe a shoe lift and thats it then he is going to be feet shorter on left side and amputation only option then shriners said it will be 5/ 6 inchs shorter on left side and amputation was the way to go but then they sent report to Ortho and primary Dr that says it is estamited at 3 inches shorter so fed up with stuff going crazy!!!!!

we are unable to travel far cause of money issues were hoping for ssi but denied for that too so I found a medical university in charleston sc they do lengthen their but would like to know whats really going on with shane is he going to be feet foot or inches shorter I will not amputate his toes off unless their was No Other option and ready to go postal on some of these dr who are not even sure how short his leg will be but want to amputate a perfectly good foot he only has a short slightly bowed femur cutting off the foot dosen't fix anything

well sorry had to vent for a min. so 2marrow we will be travling to MUSC Health in charleston SC to see if we can get some better info I'll keep you informed and let ya know if they are a bunch of quacks too please keep your fingers crossed that we get better news

Tara Shanes mommy