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To Syme's or Not to Syme's...

Hello everyone! My name is Megan and I'm a 20 year old university student from Iowa. Currently, I have a big decision to make and was wondering if any of you could give me some input. I have never had to have surgery to correct any aspect of my affected leg. I currently wear what is described by my prostheticist as a "clam shell" prosthesis-fiberglass, with a door fastened by velcro- and it had been working quite well for the first 18 years of my life. I lost a lot of weight very quickly when I was around 17 and my prosthesis was no longer fitting correctly; I ended up with a nasty open wound on my shin...trying to fit my prosthesis after I lost weight was a nightmare. It took 2 years and going through a new prostheticist before I was finally able to be comfortable again. During that long process Nick, the man who makes my prosthesis now, mentioned how much easier it would be to fit me if I didn't have my foot and ankle to work around and he told me about the Syme's amputation. I was very intrigued by the prospect of not having to go through a 2 year fitting battle again, having a more aesthetically pleasing prosthetic, being able to wear all sorts of new shoes, and being able to maybe be even more active than I already am. I had a consult recently with my orthopedist who basically told me that he would do the surgery if I was sure it was what I wanted to do. I guess I'm just scared. I do not want to make a decision that I will regret. I am very active, I like to be out and about and very social. I'm very involved in the alternative music scene, a lot of my close friends are musicians that play in national or international touring bands and I travel constantly to see them so my mobility is crucial. If any of you have had this amputation is there anything you would want me to know...anything you wish you would have known going in?

Just a quick question. Has anyone suggested a prosthosis? Basically it keeps the foot at 90 degrees to the leg and you don't have to clamshell the foot. Its easier since you can use standard orthosis shells.

Hi Megan
My son is only 5 mth old, but at our appt this weekend they brought up symes to us. They said that it will give him more prosthetic options (bendable knee) and that it would be more comfortable. They felt that if we waited to long and let him decide amputation or not that it probably wouldnt get done because the foot becomes an emotional attachment. If we do it we will do it around age 4. They do however keep the ankle and heel , so that the heel can act as a pad rather than having a stump. You will have more prosthetic options this way.......... Do you have a functional hip or is it dislocated?