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Pain issues?

I am a 36 year old BPFFD woman. I have not had any lenghtening or surgery's and have full function of both my legs. However, over the years I have aquired a list of "issues" mainly pain. I have been all over (so it seems) for back and hip problems. The biggest problem is no one seems to know what to do for my "hip" pain. A prosthetic is not an option, as I do not have an actual hip or knee joint. This is just a nutshell of what's been going on. I am wondering if any other adults with BPFFD have suffered or are suffering from any sort of pain issues. I look forward to hearing from people.

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Hi, Sara. I also have BPFFD and am near your age. Like you, I have chronic pain issues. I know what my baseline level of discomfort is and what anything beyond that is.

One thing that has helped me tremendously to manage my daily pain and to lessen the frequency of more severe pain is yoga. Given our condition, I do have to modify some poses, but I find the stretching has done wonders for me.

Also, when I was in my late twenties, my daily discomfort was getting to be too much. It was at that point that I started using forearm crutches. I wish that a doctor at some point had recommended them! I think doctors tend to focus on mobility without aids. In my case, using mobility aids improved my quality of life tremendously! I have much less constant pain now than I did before. I do still walk without my crutches around the house and around my classroom sometimes, but in general I use them almost all the time.

I hope you are doing well!