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Our 11 month old daughter has PFFD

When I was 25 wks pregnant, me and me husband found out that our daughter would have a shorter and bowed right femur bone. It was the biggest hit in the face of my hole life....especially her being our firts kid. Since her birth we have been through a lots of appointements for her condition, and they are planning on a first lenghtenning surgery around 4 years old. It seems so far,... Today she is 11 months....she never crawled but she bum shuffle. She has an orthodic that she wears when she stands. She doesnt show any signs of wanting to walk anytime soon......has it happen to you or your kid? The doctor say it shouldnt take her longer to walk ...but I doubt it....


I was about 16 months I believe when I started walking, I had a prosthetic and went to physio to help me learn how to walk. My parents used a hula-hoop to help me balance. I would stand in the middle and hold on, them behind me.

Don't worry - your daughter will walk and she will walk fine. It might not be at the same time as someone without pffd, but in time, she will walk.

If her femur isn't that short - definitely try the leg lengthening. I had the van nes and think it works great, I am class D.

I just wanna say hi and share with you that I have a 11 months old boy who was born with a shorter and bowed left femur and I know how it feels. He'su second child, my first one a 4.5 yrs old girl is perfectly "normal". Chris' crawling is fine better than my daughters cos she was a bum shuffler and started crawling after she started walking around 15 months of age. Chris is trying to walk I mean he walks around table but it finding it hard to balance cos there's about 5 cm discrepancy he goes on tiptoes. I have bought him pair of shoes with a pretty thick sole, so I only put the left shoe on that helps a little bit but he preffers to go on tiptoes. I can't wait till October's appointment hoping he'll be getting his proper built up shoes. I've also noticed that his left leg is a bith thiner and the left foot is a bit smaller than his right one. I also should say that his knee is kinda turned on the inside of the leg. Hope we can exchange our experiences since our kids are same age. Best of luck to both our kids and im sure your little one will walk soon.


I just came across this site while reading about a prosthetist, and after reading yiur comments reminded me of how my husband and I felt facing all your anxiety when we were faced with her condition. We knew at 16 weeks pregnant our much wanted baby had something wrong with her leg.To learn this news after several attempts at IVF was pretty devastating. I can fully understand your fears for your babies future, I know it is overwhelming. I never thought my baby would ever walk, but she did at the age of 18 months when she was fitted with a prothesis.That was back in 1992, she is now in her senior year at college, full of ambition and more independant than I could have ever imagined. We always allowed her to try to do what evr activity she wanted, softball, cheerleading basketball...and much more. I wish your family all the best, and hope my comments allay some of your fears of her future...