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Van Nes rotationplasty

I am new to this site and I do not have PFFD. However, I am going to have to choose my form of amputation due to a serious infection and I am looking into the Van Nes procedure. I know that it is generally used to treat PFFD, so here I am. I'm interested in any kind of information anyone can give me on it. I know what it is and how it works, but I am curious about the long term; complications, success stories, anything at all. I appreciate it.

Many of the complications with the Van Ness have been with PFFD because with PFFD the Van Ness rotates the muscles also and de-rotation is common and painful. For rotationplasty that does not twist those muscles (e.g. done at mid thigh) you do not have that issue.

As your surgeon if the muscles that power the ankle will be twisted around the leg or not. If they are then the complications of de-rotation need to be seriously weighted as those are powerful muscles and can lead to long term complications as well as many follow up surgeries.