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shoe lifts

My 17 month old boy, Isaac, has a 1 inch shoe lift. Just wondering if anyone who has used shoelifts goes to a specialist that makes lifts specifically for people with pffd? The man we have gone to for lifts has never made one for a child before and also, he only makes them typically for people with very minor discrepencies. Any advice on this subject would be appreciated , thanks, Katie

I use (American heelers). They do an amazing job and I have had 15+ pairs lifted for my now 3 year old daughter. The turn around time is no more than 10 days, usually less.

My son also has a 1 inch lift. We use Hanger Prosthetics and Orthodics. They do an awesome job with his shoes. Not sure where you are located but if there is one close by you should look into it. I have 2 pairs of size 6 sneakers that you are more than welcome to have if you'd like. They are in really good shape.

I have a shoe lift that is 10 3/4 inches tall, I have used Hanger before and they are really great. But because my lift is so tall I have had to tell them to drill holes into the bottom so that it is not heavy. Most places have not made shoe lifts that are this tall and will say they can't, but they can. It more a matter of that they don't want to. The best thing to do is to shop around and find someone who is willing to help you, if you decide to stay on the route of a shoe lift as your son gets older. The best advice I can give is to not listen when they tell you they can''s just not true.