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Hi, seeking advice. My daughter has PFFD. We chose not to amputate her foot, deciding that she could make that choice on her own. She is 13 now, and is considering it...I'm am wondering if anyone has experience with this and can give insight on what to expect in regard to recovery, phantom pain, mobility, etc. thank you!

Investigate Symes amputations. I had a Symes amputation which is the direction that should be considered. The front of the foot is removed and the heel is brought up providing an excellent comfortable pad. I realize that much time has passed I hope she is doing well ...

I don't go to this site but once or twice a year. If anyone wants to ask me any questions in re PFFDs you can email me at

The amputation you should consider is a Symes amputation of the foot. The heel becomes a very solid pad to walk on. That is what I have and it makes walking with a prosthetic more comfortable and less painful.
Recovery is up to the individual. With me it was 6 weeks. In regards phantom pain: Either no phantom pains, eventually they disappear, and finally they never disappear. Mine never disappeared, but you learn to live with them.
What was her choice?