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I may be the oldest PFFD. Update...I'm still around at 86 & still alert & actve!!

I believe I may be the oldest PFFD and that most of the original work was done on me at the Children’s Hospital , Boston (Brookline), MA (now known as the Children’s Medical Center) under Dr William T Green who was Chief Orthopedic Surgeon of the Children’s Hospital and full professor in Orthopedic surgery at Harvard Medical School. His pup and protégé was Dr David Grice.

I was diagnosed (in 1931) as, in those days, a Congenital Absence of the proximal 2/3 of the femur and acetabulum, acute (today known as a PFFD). There was a girl with a similar diagnosis but she died at age 12.

In 1942 I went through an ilio-femoral fusion where the femur was placed in 30 degrees flexion and 10 degrees abduction. My “sloppy” knee was to be used as a hip! In 1944 I went through a graft reinforcement to the femur. Because little was known I had to wait until complete ossification of the bones before further work could be done. So in 1951, 52 and 53 I went through a series of surgery preparing me for a conventional prosethis after a Symes amputation in 1953 at age 22. [My graduation present from Boston University.] Prior to this I walked with a platform brace. It took a lot of searching to find a limb company to handle this because of my short stump. Finally they located a Mr. Martino at the Boston Limb Manufacture who said he could make one. He did and I have been using a conventional prosthesis now for 54 years and counting.

In 1983 my only hip went so I have been equipped with an artificial hip (left hip) prosthesis. I also believe according to Dr Flynn who did this that I may be the first ‘one-legged’ person with an artificial hip.

I have led a relatively normal life

That’s about it! I would appreciate hearing from any one about this.


I am very happy to hear all to this!
It really encourages us parents of children with PFFD to just go on and think that everything is worthwhile!
thank you for writing!
Kiaras Mom

Hi! i thought that I might be the oldest but you have me beat LOL. I'm 55 and when I was born in 52 the doctors didn't know what it was. I have my knee and it's pretty strong but it's fused itself together now. I wear an AK limb even though I still have my foot.I've always done most things in life that I want to. Hope to hear more from you.Viola

I haven't made any coments for many months. I read the comments about older PFFD people. Yes I did write that I was an older PFFD that followed a medical profession. I had a symes amputation at age 14 which was a real blessing. I will be 75 years old in May. I have five children,15 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. I worked for forty five years before I semi retired. I still baby sit and volunteer at the animal shelter. I have only been to a doctor once in twenty plus years. That was for a fractured wrist following a fall in my garden. I am a class D PffD. I take no meds and continue to wear a prosthises 12 to 18 hours a day. I am so glad I never opted to have any fancy,new surgery ideas. I had common sense doctors who tell me leave things alone that are working. The clue to my success is watch my weight and stay active. I did know of one other Pffd older than I, who lived in South Dakota when I was born. I nothing more about her. working in the medical field, I never met another PFFD.
Maybe I will find time to write a comment more frequently in the coming year.

I'm curious. If you had a Symes at 14 that must of been around 1947. The Symes were perfected as a result of the Korean war from GIs who suffered frostbite in the foot. You must have been one of the first civilians.
Congratulations on your great family. The Lord sure blessed you. I never had children. God Bless you...

Cool! it's good to know we PFFDs can live a long happy life, I'm 37 his year and doing fine, so it's good to know I've the possibility of at least 37 more, thanks for posting pibit!

Tell me more about yourself. Included in y life were travels; Europe twice, Puerto Rico twice, Montreal, Quebec, lived in Texas, NJ, PA, and now FL. Have been as far West as Aptos, CA (about 50 miles South of San Francisco.