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What to expect when you are expecting

Chapter on what to expect when you are expecting


Hopefully your birth will go well - PFFD will have no effect on the delivery.

You will probably at birth be asked if you want to have the placenta taken, or the parents blood taken, or the baby's blood taken for "genetic testing." This is apparently a question parents of PFFD babies get asked a lot by pediatricians and OB doctors who are unfamiliar with PFFD. Note: PFFD is not a genetic effect but an exposure effect. (see Etiology - what causes it?

The ultrasound

Depending on where you go for your pre-pregnancy checkups - you may or may not be offered an ultrasound. If the discrepancy is small an ultrasound may not pick up a short femur.

If you are having a child with PFFD and the ultrasound picks up a short femur(s) - it is nice to have found out ahead of time. It really helps to have prepared yourself for dealing with the hospital/staff at delivery. (More about that later). If the ultrasound does pick up a shorter femur - the technician or doctor should also have looked for other possible defects such as cleft lip, cardiovascular abnormalities, single umbilical cord artery, etc. The reason they look for the other items is because a short femur plus those other effects can mean something besides PFFD.

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