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People Magazine - July 21, 2008 article featuring Lily Stiernagle and Maya Albert

I just read about this article today in Sheila's post, and now just mentioned in Angela's, and was wondering if there was any online method of viewing this as i'm in the UK and i don't think we get that magazine here?
It might be that a kind person may be able to scan it an email me it maybe. Be interesting to see it.
I'm sure such an article brings national coverage of a condition that i'm sure most people still haven't heard of.


Dave Bailey

Old Photos

I've been meaning to post some photos ever since the facility became available on this site.
So here some are at long last. I'll never cease to be surprised looking back at old pics, thinking things like, "was i really that small once?" Also looking at me with both legs is a bit weird, as it's nearly 21 years since I had my right leg amputated above knee, I find it hard to remember having it and running around like a typical kid.
The first photo is the earliest one i have of me, it was taken at some point early in my life whilst in hospital. I weighed only 2lb 5oz's, approx. 3 months premature, i spent the first 8 months of my life in hospital as I'd been put up for adoption from birth.

UK Adult with Bilateral PFFD also no left arm from the elbow

My name is David Bailey and I was born on June 14th 1976.
I was a premature baby weighing just 2 lbs 5 oz's!
It was obvious from birth that I had congenital deformities bilaterally, 3 toes on my right foot, and 4 on my left foot, and my right leg slightly shorter than left. I was also born with only 1/2 my left arm.
I was put up for adoption from birth, as my biological mother was only 16, and had kept the pregnancy secret from her parents and I think my biological father, and with my disabilities and no parental support from either set of grandparents, she thought that would be best for me.

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