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46-year old woman with PFFD, Belgium, Europe

Hi everyone
I was born 46 years ago with PFFD, unilateral, left side. At birth specialists told my parents I would never be able to walk. They were wrong, didn't know better. I don't know what degree PFFD I have (I think between A and B), as I have never known the name of my condition till I was 35. Through my work as a social worker, I met a client who had a similar condition as I have and who revealed the name PFFD to me. I walk with a prothese that lengthens my leg. I live happily now, though a fysical handicap is not the only element that affects our happiness.
I still hear from new born babies with PFFD and that makes me a little sad, medicine doesn't know the answer yet to prevent this. It hasn't been easy to come to terms with it and in a way I still am trying. Being ashamed, feeling a freak, being embarrassed by the looks of others... been there, done that.
I wish you all PFFD'ers the strenght you need and lots of luck and also a thank you to all the doctors and specialists that help us throughout the world.


I am 86 will be 87 in a couple of months. Never let my disability interfere with my life, so you shouldn't either. I led a rather successful life did about everything I wanted. Most importantly, I didn't care what other people thought. Your disability is a little more obvious than others and I have never met a person who didn't have a disability of one sort or another. Just look in the mirror and see that beautiful woman and smile. God bless.