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Looking for advice or a friend to share?

My son Erik has had about 8 surgeries between the ages of 2 and 15. Currently he's done with his 4th lengthening and is anticipating a final internal lengthening device in his femur before he finishes High School. He's had the Super Hip, 3 femur lengthenings (one internal) and one tibia lengthening plus a few other adjustments. He has a left foot two sizes smaller than his right and currently is wearing a lift about 1.5 inches.

He's a very social and sweet 15 year old boy who welcomes social interactions with others. You can email me at any time to set up regular contact or just ask a question. I'd be glad to offer suggestions or reflections that may help your situation, or just calm your nerves.

I recommend Dr. Paley in West Palm Beach Florida. He has done all Erik's work since he was born and he is the only doctor who thinks outside the box and is willing to try new procedures based on each past experience. He is also the only doctor who is willing to try something and change it up if it's not proving effective. Dr. Paley is the best!