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julian is now 1 years old, we went to see dr.davidson @ chop in philly. what a long visit. i just get so frustrated with everything. now they gave me a script for him to try a shoe lift with a wedge or pipe in foot im not sure what that means. his leg is now about 4 inches shorter than the left. he wants to walk so bad but cant. im getting so frustrated. 1st the drive there is 2 hours, we wait for about 1 hr ,1 1/2 hr for the dr to be in the room maybe 10 minutes and say we'll see u back in 6 months & do xrays. he wants to see if julians hip will form any more.


My son Julian is 8 months old and was born with pffd of the right leg. He sees Dr. Davidson at CHOPS in Philadelphia. Julian had xrays done at hershey medical center and we found out that he doesnt have a kneecap, or a joint in his hip, i think it's called asatablum? his right leg is about 4 inches shorter than the left. So lengthning may be a option but not sure because of the hip, most likely amputation. Im really worried and upset about everything, im 27 years old and this is my first child. does anyone have any encouraging advice? Please.

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