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Cost of super hip operation and each lengthening operation

Hi, as I wait for an estimate from Dr Paley's hospital, I would like to get a feel of the cost of super hip operation and lenghthening, and also duration between the super hip operation and lengthening. Are there extra charges/taxes for patients from outside US? Am from Nairobi - Kenya... Please Help


How early can lengthening start?

Hi, My daughter Ayanna has unilateral PFFD. She is now 1yr 3 months, I was wondering how early lenghtening procedures can start? The doctors I have met have told me that they will advice me in due course!! I need to know to plan!! Please help


people affected by pffd in nairobi - kenya

Hi, am looking for people with pffd or those affected by it by being parents or friends/family of people with pfffd in nairobi, so that we can network and work together. Kindly get in touch with me, my email is



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