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Experiencing PFFD

I was born with P.F.F.D, Aiken Type I, and coxa vera. After careful consideration my parents decided that they were not going to go ahead with an amputation which was suggested when I was a toddler.

I have had various surgeries including the following:

(2 years)- Valgus Osteotomy - right femur

(3 years)- Repeat Valgus Osteotomy - right femur due to loss of fixation

(9 years) - Left Distal Femoral Epiphyseodesis

(12 years) - Sutherland Double Innominate Osteotomy and Ileoposoas Recession

(13 years) - Ilizarov Leg Lengthening

(27 years) – Total Hip Replacement

My femur discrepancy was approximate 18 cm. I have a lift on my shoe, and have had surgeries including lengthening of my short leg and shortening of my long leg.

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