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Second lengthening SUCCESS!.... plus Story of first lengthening from old PFFDvsg site

Jonathan's story has been posted under "Florida" on the other PFFDvsg web site for a few years now and is reprinted below. We were very happy with the results from both lengthenings although it was not an easy process. Both lengthenings were done at Shriners Hospitals--the first in Tampa and second in Twin Cities.

The second lengthening is nearly complete. He only has to do rehab to regain his strength and range of motion. His leg is 3 inches longer than when we started. The really neat thing is that he no longer needs to wear a shoe lift! We did not have any complications to speak of this time.
The only thing that was harder for him was that he was older and in school this time so had to deal with all the looks and questions/comments from other kids. I strongly recommend doing an education session at your child's school to answer the questions from other kids so your child doesn't have to face them all alone.

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