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Devon Angel

My granddaughter Devon Angel was born in October 1998 with PFFD. She was born in a suburb of London. She also had a hole in the heart (which has now closed up). After spending two weeks in Neo-Natal, she was allowed home with my daughter and her partner. Those early days are cloudy for us all as we were all in a state of shock and couldnt understand the complexities of her condition. My daughter is a dancer and Devon`s father a healthy, sporty footballer. How could they have a baby with half a leg? It was beyond our comprehension and filled us all with dread and confusion.
From the very beginning Devon was a fighter. My first glimpse of her lying naked on the "open" cot in Neo-Natal was one of astonishing emotion. With tubes everywhere, a tiny bonnet on her head and a white covering her lower limbs it was hard to imagine anything being wrong with her. She looked so vulnerable. I promised her I would watch out for her and keep her safe - I wanted to put everything right.

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