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flying with spica cast - doable or crazy?

My daughter is likely to need Super Hip + Super Knee surgery early next year, on one leg.

I understand she'll have to be in the spica cast for 6 weeks or so. We live across the country, so one big question is .....

do I stay with her in Baltimore the 7 weeks or so while she's in the cast, keeping accessible to Dr. Paley in case there are complications OR

since I have other young children and my husband who would have to hang in there 7 weeks or so while I stay in Baltimore, do I to make the cross-country flight home maybe after 2-3 weeks and then back 3-4 weeks later for cast removal (and then home one more time after that but at least without a cast)?

SuperHip (or similar hip stabilization surgery) and SuperKnee surgery questions

Our daughter Riley is almost 2 years old and we plan that she will have SuperHip and SuperKnee surgery with Dr. Paley at the end of the year. She is very mobile (walk, kind of run, kick, climb, etc.) with a ~3 inch shoe lift on her left leg - more adventurous and mobile sometimes than her twin brother (who does not have PFFD).

Would anyone be willing to share their experience with either or both of these surgeries? We will be staying with family while we are in Baltimore so at least that part is covered.

A few questions to get started:

1. Did you experience any loss of mobility or comfort after the surgery? How long until your child was fully mobile again? (4 months? 6 months? longer?)

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