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Sami Update

Sami is now 4 years old. She is as active as just about any other 4 year old girl out there. She has class-D pffd, affecting her left leg. She participates in gymnastics (she can do a cartwheel now...but loves the uneven parallel bars the best). She also LOVES to swim, which has to be really good for her, right?

Rotation Option

Hi there! My daugter, Sami, has PFFD...or CFD, as I was told yesterday. I guess it's more "politically correct." Sami is 7 1/2 months old and a complete JOY!! We went to see Dr. Paley yesterday for the 1st time. It was the first time we even saw an x-ray of her. Very interesting. Dr. Paley diagnosed her as "type 3." He said he "could" lengthen, but painted a very bleak future. He was much more animated when he spoke of the rotation. As parents, you know...we want the BEST for Sami...we are going to teach her to be strong, proud, smart, confident...know she's beautiful...just as we would if she didn't have this...PFFD. She's a WHOLE you & your kids are...not just a my question (I'll get off my soap box, I'm actually prepping myself for when I have to talk to friends/family!!)

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