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Tai's progress

Hi this is Brandy my husban and I had a baby in Oct 2004 with bi-lateral pffd. i just wanted to let everyone know that Tai is doing very well she is now 17mths and is walking around everywhere but still enjoys crawling around on her hands and feet. If anyone else has a child wiht bi-lateral or knows someone with bi-lateral we would love to talk to you about things. I hope all is well with everyone else take care.

Brandy and Brett Dubord

our angel

We were blessed with our third child. My pregnancy seemed like the other tow until the seventh month when we were told that there was some problems with our babies measurements on her u/s. The doctors could not tell us what was wrong so they just kept telling us different things. They told us she could have brittle bone syndrome then they told us she could have acondroplasia (dwarfisim). They then decided that because they did not what was wrong it was best to deliver her. so 8 weeks early and 2.5 lbs there she was, Tai. It was only discovered then that she had pffd. Tai has bi-latteral pffd a

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