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Trousers/pants for a little girl with Bilateral PFFD

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone out there has a little girl or knows a little girl with Bilateral PFFD Class C/D who is in need of some trousers/pants. I have been sorting out all our baby things and came across a bag of tights and trousers all of which were shortened/adjusted for our daughter. The sizes range from 3 months to 2-3yrs. I'm happy to post them anywhere in the world they are needed so please do get in touch.

Our little star

My husband James and I have a little girl called Jessica. She is 22months old and has Bilateral PFFD. She appears to have a rare type as she is missing several bones and the precise anatomy of her legs is currently unknown. She is missing the fibula but has feet but no ankle joint and is missing her little toes. She either has a tiny femur and tibias or a hip joint and femur. There is currently confusion about this.

Despite all this she is very mobile and gets around on her hands and feet - bear style. Her latest trick is to lift her body weight on her hands and flip herself over onto her back-effectively doing somersaults. It scares me silly but she thinks it's hilarious!! Nothing stops her and she has a will of iron. Is this a common trate? :)

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