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New Prosthesis working fabulously

My daughter Amie has been using a prosthesis now for 8 months. SHe has adapted to it marvelously. She walks, jumps, runs, and tries to kick. As she grows adjustments are made to try and keep up with her. We are happy with her ability to be free with her prosthesis and without it. AT times it is difficult because it is sometimes the first thing people notice and comment on. But then she draws their attention away from her leg and to her face by saying "Hello" or smiling. She is amazing in every sense. I am constantly amazed at how quickly she can move and how nothing is too difficult for her.

One Opinion After Another

My daughter was born in October 2004. She is beautiful and already very determined. She has unilateral PFFD, Akins class D (no femur or hip socket). We have already been able to find out so much about treatment options. Thank goodness for the internet. We have researched all the possible options from no treatment (prosthesis alone), to foot ablasion, and Van ness. We have seen 3 different surgeons. All of which give a different opinion on which surgery would be best. I have seen two different prosthesist which both advise leaving the foot intact but one says to do Van ness and the other says leave the foot as is.

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