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Teen with PFFD & Van ness

Hi all,

I am here to tell you about my daughter Kayla.

When I was 3 months pregnant with her they gave me an ultrasound. They told me that her right femur was not there. This scared me to death. Then a month later the doctor's ran all kinds test to see if there were any other problems with the baby. They tried to tell me to abort her because she might be autistic or have downs or other problems. But my friend that has a downs daughter told me GOD only give you what you can handle. So I had Kayla on March 2,1992 and when she was 3 month old I took to U of M Ann Arbor to see Dr. Lenard. He is the one that told me that we could not lengthen her leg but we can do the Van ness Rotation. That is what I thought would be best for her and we did this when she was 3 years old. Now every 3 years or so we have to rotate her foot backwards again do to the muscles try to pull it forward. Kayla is a very active young teen she roller skates, plays basketball, swims and plays softball for her school. I would love if any other teens with these similarities please email us at and we can get them to chat with each other or if there are any other parents would like to talk I would be glad to.

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