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broken pins common?

My son Robert has recently went through 2nd lengthening process , we are in bone consolidation phase at present. Last week we went for xray on femur to get date for removal of frame only to discover that one of the pins had snapped . This isnt the first time this has happened , a pin broke on removal of last frame. Just wondering if other people experiencing this ? Is it normal?

1 week over and all, greats

the last time i submitted our story , we were a getting ready for fitting of ilizarov to our 4 year old . thankfully we are now one week after frame removal. its good to read peoples blogs when you are going through the process, its been the toughest 5 months of our lives but really worth it. our little boy legs are almost level and since the frame came of he has not stopped running and playing which is a beautiful sight. the hardest part has been the lack of sleep as our little man hated the splint on during the night . our medical team in dublin have been great for the whole process.

1 week to go

Hi, I am the father of a wonderful 4 year old. He has a diference of 6cm .he is due to go for his first surgery next tuesday. we pray everything goes well. Till about 4 months ago we attended regular physio .it was not really doing a lot for our son, so we went to our local herbalist . they gave our son a course of herbs and started a course of muscular repatterning.

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