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My Angel From Heaven

My child was born 16 weeks early weighing only 1 pound and 8 oz's. She was given a 20 percent chance to live. She did well and in 3 and 1/2 months came home. We knew nothing until she was almost one year old. She kept tripping over her left leg. That's when we went to a specialist and they said her left hip socket and ball never really formed. She's had hip surgeries and her left leg is 2 inches shorter than the other. She soon will be 12 years old. Her latest surgery was stunting the growth of her good leg, which was done almost 2 years ago. We had the option of lengthening, but since the doctor figured she would already be tall, he felt shortening the good leg would be a better way to go. Her knees are not turned correctly, but this may get better on its own. Our ownly problem as of right now, is dealing with arthritis in her hip. She has good days and bad days where she cannot walk at all. We've been told she may not walk by age 12 or 13, but our faith in God has kept us strong. If there is anyone who may have any information on this or any encouragement, we would love to know. Thanks so very much!!!