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Writing a book!!

Hi everybody!! I am planning on writing a children's book. I want to focus on children with PFFD, but also include children with other disabilities.

I will use photographs: couple of reasons, I can't draw and I think it's important to see children for how beautiful they really are!

My initial thinking is "favorite things to do." So many people focus on what someone with a disability CAN'T do...let's amaze everyone with what we/our children LOVE to do...

Feel free to email me with your child's fist name and age (or your name if you have pffd) and his/her favorite thing to do.

For instance: Sami, age 1, loves to climb on the kitchen table! This is something I didn't think she'd be able to do already!! I'm so naieve!! lol! I would include a picture of Sami on the table with her adorable mischeivious grin!!

Please do not send pictures yet...Thank you!!

Of course Libbi,

You know Shelby and I are in! Let me know if you need help.

Talk to you soon.

Rachele and Shelby

My mind is spinning!! I am so excited. I have SO many ideas (which means more than 1 book!)...I'm thinking board books and story books. All with our children as the stars!! I know I'm doing the right thing, because ideas are just flowing!! Thanks for your support!


Good luck! Don't limit yourself to what little kids can do. I learned to ride a bicycle,roller skate,climb trees, swim, ski,hike, canoe, kayak, rock climb you name it, I did it! I participated in all gym and physical education classes throughout my school years(it was a required course for graduation at my college!).I played volleyball, kickball, baseball, basketball,soccer, football,kick the can, hopscotch, tag, four square, jump rope, chinese jump rope,had water bottle fights, made snow forts (and had snowball fights)went snow sledding - whatever the other kids in the neighborhood did, I did it too. More importantly, I wasn't always last, they didn't wait for me to catch up,I didn't always make the last out, I held my own.
My feeling is that there are only a handful of things PFFD kids can't do (polka on the artificial leg side happens to be one of them- skipping is not something you can do with an artificial leg very easily).
Have at that book, keep your mind very open - if there's an activity that people do, chances are some kid with PFFD somewhere has done it.

Of course you're right. I am trying so hard not to limit Sami...and my mouth hits the floor constantly!! Like, when I see her ontop of the table! Somehow, I don't get angry like I did with my boys!! I'm PROUD of Sami!

Thank you Cindy, and Caroline...eveybod...for your support in this book. I'm also including...hopefully...children with other limb problems. My sisters friends girl was born w/o a hand. If anyone knows anyone...please pass this along.

My libraians are helping so much and will help me get in with a publisher when I'm ready. I'm so excited for all this to be happening. Children benefit when they see others like them in books. It's great!!


That's great!!

We would love to help out.



Let me know if I can help you out at all. Your idea is incredible!! Definately worthwhile... much, much needed. Can you imagine being a new parent and being able to get a copy of this book!! So much comfort and support would be immediately given through those pages. Ooohhh... you're a treasure for coming up with this idea.

Warm regards,

The book is coming along great! But, I need more!! More kids, please!!

This is how it is going: The title is going to be: Imagine...Amazing me!

The photos are of our kids doing their everyday things...that amaze us...For instance. Sami climbing up a slide will have her picture doing that and it will state: "I'm a Mountain Climber!" Because, to a child, that's what they're doing! It's their imagination.

The picture will also include Sami's first name and home state. Please...let me know if you want to be apart of this and please send me a picture! I have one with a girl chasing a's adorable (little animal trainer!!). It's so much fun and I have such great support from my librarians. It really is going to happen!

What ever your child loves to do...normal everyday type of things. It is going to be wonderful for new parents to see other children doing the things they dreamed their child would do! This book will give hope to parents...that's my mission. apart of it!!



I would love to have your book when you finish it, for my grandchildren...I have PFFD Im 56 years old right favorite thing is feeling both feet on the ground and being able to fun things are ridding a bike,...skating when I was younger and I even tried winter and water skying..I would love to explain my condition through your story book....As far as my grandchildren know I didn't look while crossing the street and this is what own children of 2 never knew till they were out of grammer school... not an easy thing to explane...And further more after all these years I just recently found out I had a name to my condition..Thats what brought me to this web site...Please stay intouch so I can get a book...I'll help out in any way I can..Thank You.