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bent knee

Mallori has had her first lengthening. Her cast came off and her knee is bent and she can't straighten it on her own. She is having therapy every day.
Does anyone know of this happening to someone else? If so how did things come out? Can this too be fixed by Dr. Paley? Thanks Sybil[Mallori's meme]

Dear Sybil,

We hope all went well on Mallori's lengthening, and are glad to hear you are getting close to the end of your first one. That one for us was the hardest as we didn't really know what to expect, and the relief of getting to go home and be a family again was huge!!! From what we have seen during our stay in Baltimore there have been some cases that this can happen as the muscles and tendons can get tight while imobilized and usually they use physical therapy to stretch them back out. We have heard of what they call a "soft tissue release", but that may be for cases when this happens while they are still lengthening. If you speak to Dr. Paley or someone in the therapy department they should have all the info. you will need. We hope you and your family are doing well, and feel free to contact us anytime at as we would love to hear how things went for you and Mallori, and we will ask around if anyone we know have had the same thing happen to them. Good luck, and god bless!!


Chuck, Karla, Dylan & McKenna

This happened to our son during his first lengthening. He gained a lot because of time spent in a cast giving a constant stretch to his muscles, but he still couldn't straighten it all the way. We did a lot of PT plus he wore a long leg brace at night and we locked it as straight as he could stand it. The night stretch did a wonderful job. It took a long time, but he did regain all of his range of motion. Feel free to contact me if I can answer any other questions.

Christine Ross