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Looking for others...

Hi! I am 27 and was born with PFFD. When I was young my knee was fused and my foot amputated. Today I wear a full lengh prothesis and get around just fine. Not much gets me down and I do pretty much what I want. I am currently engaged and loving life. I am interested in talking with others that have a true PFFD. Since it is rare, and living in a small town, I have never had the opperuntity to talk with others and compare notes. ALso, if you have any questions i'd be happy to answer them the best I can. I know my mom was scared when I was born as she had no idea what to do next, and there were no support groups at the time. Thank God for Shriner's Hospital, who took us in and fixed my up.
I was excited when I found this site. I hope to to connect with other people with PFFD and chat.



Hi, I am 23 and was also born with pffd. My pffd is severe, I was born without a hip and only a small short bone with a foot attached. My foot was amputated when I was three and I've had a prosthesis ever since. I am also loving life. I have been married for over two years. I am so lucky that I found someone who loves me without caring about my pffd.