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Mother of 12 year old PFFD

My daughter was born without her right thigh bone and only 1 of the 2 lower leg bones. At 8 months, she went through a Boyd amputation of the small deformed foot on her short right leg. She was fitted with her first prosthesis around her 1st birthday and started walking at about 22 months. She is active and has few if any limitations. We are currently going through physical therapy for the first time to smooth out her walk. Her therapist has instructed her to use a cane in order to assist her in learning how to walk correctly. We would love to hear from anyone with a similar situation.


just replying because your daughter's situation is similar to mine - at least she doesn't have to walk balancing books on her head!! Impossible, but what was suggested for me years ago. All I can tell you is that I used to pick a point on the horizon when I walked and tried to make it stand still in my field of vision. The less the point moved, the smoother my gait was when I walked. I played this "game" with myself as I walked to and from school. As a kid, I hated any sort of assisted device for walking - cane, crutches, whatever, so if she never uses the cane, don't sweat it. Ask her what is more important to her (and to yourself) walking perfectly or participating in all the physical activities she does? Remember, she is adapting every activity; running, skipping, jumping rope, hop scotch, volleyball, basketball, football, you name it- to her capabilities with her artificial leg. Cut her some slack when it comes to walking without a limp. When it's time for her to walk down the aisle with the love of her life, I guarantee neither of them will care how much of a limp she has, if he truly loves her.