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Olivia’s prosthesis [pictures]

I have attached some pictures of Olivia and her prosthesis (the same one she got in October 2005). These pictures were taken on Jan. 5, 2006 when Olivia was about 19 months old. The first 2 pictures show her prosthesis. The 3rd picture shows her without her prosthesis. The other pictures show her wearing her prosthesis.

She will use this same prosthesis until late May when she is scheduled for Super Hip/Super Knee/Ankle surgery (at age 2). After her surgery, she will get a new device because the shape of her leg will have changed. The prosthesis that she has now does not have a joint in it. This device was designed to help straighten out her knee and ankle and a prosthetic joint would hinder that process, I'm told. I'm not sure if I've noticed her knee straightening any, but I definately see a positive change in her ankle.

We have had no problems with her prosthesis. The only thing that we have to think about is what kind of pants she can wear. Only stretchy pants will fit over where her natural foot rests. Jeans don't work. But it's no big deal for us.

As of today, she’s not walking on her own yet. She loves to hold on to our hands and walk with us, though.


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What a cutie she is! Absolutely adorable... :)

She is soooo cute. Thanks for sharing.


She's so cute...and getting so big! She'll be walking soon and then running...chasing that cat!!

Your daughter is so cute we have a daughter Tai who is 17 months old and untill now i had no idea what to expect in the way of prosthesis. I am so glad you posted the beautiful pictures of Olivia now I have an idea of what Tai's prothesis will look like when it is time for her to get them.Tai is bi-latteral pffd so she will need them on both legs. the dr says it will just be for cosmetic reasons if she so chooses so she can be taller like the rest of the kids once she starts school. Good luck in your future.