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Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund

I have a bit of good news for those of us living in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund (KADMF) [[]] provides advocacy, education, information and financial assistance for the uninsured needs of families caring for terminally, critically and chronically ill, seriously disabled or severely injured children. The child must be a resident of Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, though may be receiving treatment in another state. The Fund helps both low income and middle income families.

Children with PFFD are eligible to apply for this assistance. They were able to help us!

I applied a short time ago to get financial assistance for Olivia’s prosthesis. Our medical insurance provider at the time (we have since changed to one with more coverage) only paid for 90% of the cost of her prosthesis. We were responsible for the remaining 10%. The cost of her prosthesis was $4,325.00. That means we owed $432.50. The KADMF paid $150.00 toward her prosthesis. To be honest, I had hoped that they would pay for the entire $432.50, but at the time that we applied to the KADMF could only give out a maximum of $150.00 for each application request. I hope that in the future the maximum will increase, but who knows. I was told that a few months ago the Fund even ran out of money so they had to deny everyone at that time.

The application process is pretty easy. You can download the application from the website. The only tricky part is that you can’t apply directly to the KADMF. A social worker or health care professional has to apply for you. A local social worker filed the paperwork for us. It worked out fine.