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Book in Progress!!

Hi everybody!

I just had to share what I did!! I finished the book!!!!! YEA!! I just pray that it helps so many out there...and, future parents and children as well!! The book includes children with PFFD and other limb/extremity differences. I have to's beautiful!! Thank you, soooo much, to those who submitted pictures! I sent copies to literary agents and publishers earlier this week. I have no idea how long it will take from here. It is so inspiring...even to me, who already knows how amazing our children are!! I just had to share!!!


Congratulations on finishing the book. If indeed it does get published I think it will be great for so many people.

Thanks for your comment. I'm very excited about it, and have a really good "vibe" about it. It better get published! It will help so many!


Hey when it does get published your have to let me know where i can get it from(if it doesnt get published in the UK), maybe i can even buy an autographed one off of you!!!! ;)

I've thought about the "over seas" need in all of this...I definately want it available to all. But, autographed huh? I can't even imagine anyone wanting my autograph!! Thanks for the ego boost!!

Libbi :0)