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Two year old with Class A/B PFFD

My son has class A or B, a shortened left femur with a fairly stable knee and good ankle. He has an expected discrepancy of 6 to 7 inches at maturity. We have been told he needs a hip surgery before he turns three years of age to stablize his hip. Then have three separate leg lengthening surgeries each probaly three years apart. We are now battling with our insurance company because they want us to stay in NY state and go to doctors who perform one or two of these surgeries per year, and not often on children with PFFD. We consulted with doctor Herzenberg at the Leg Lengthening center in Baltimore who does 3,000 of these sugeries a year, and really feel much more comfortable with him.
I guess my question is first off does this time frame they are telling us seem correct for the surgeries?
Is this our best option?
And also does anyone have any insight on other options if we cannot get the Maryland doctors approved. Has anyone had to battle to get to the care needed vs a Healt Insurance company? It just seems the experience differences are so dramatic.
We are so nervous. He currenly uses a two inch shoe lift and runs sprints around his older brothers :)