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Ethan's Visit to Dr. Paley - June

My son Ethan (almost 2) will be going for his first visit to see Dr. Paley in June. I have recently been talking with some individuals on the Yahoo site who have given me a bit of advice on what to expect, think about, etc. for this visit. However, I am still hoping that others will be able to give me advice as well. If anyone out there can provide information I would appreciate it.

Also, later I will be posting some information on flight assistance for children who need to fly for their medical treatments.


Hey Beth. My son Bryant will be 2 this Sunday. He has been going to see Dr. Standard/Dr. Paley since he was 5 weeks old. We have been very impressed with the these wonderful doctors. Bryant had his first surgery( super hip, knee,ankle surgery) last September when he was 18 months old. It was tough to go through but he is doing great now!! I recommend staying at the Hackerman -Patz house if you have to stay overnight. Your son will be in great hands!! Staci
son -Bryant-PFFD(right leg)

My daughter, Olivia, met with Dr. Paley in August 2005. First off, parking is right next to the building you will be going into. After you check in, you will wait until they are ready to take Ethan’s x-rays. After the x-rays are taken, you will wait to see Dr. Paley. Do not be surprised if you have to wait several hours past your scheduled appointment. Dr. Paley is very busy and often gets backed up.

During Olivia’s appointment, Dr. Paley looked at the x-rays they just took. He then examined Olivia’s leg/hip. He did some "manipulations" of her leg/hip, but nothing that hurt Olivia at all. After that, he talked with us about her condition and what treatment he recommended.

I would recommend writing down any questions you may want to ask Dr. Paley ahead of time. That way you won’t forget them. But don’t worry too much if you do forget. I have found Dr. Paley very responsive to email.

Let me know if you would like any more specific information.

Beth Reinert


Dr. Paley and Dr. Standard are the best.

My son "Joshua" (8yrs) - had

1. Super knee (age 5)
2. Femur alignment and Femur lenghting Leftleg 2.3inch(age 6)
3. Tubia aligment (age 6)

My son is doing great, but it was a long road.
I moved to Maryland for 9 months and 6 month of appointments (checkups) xrays, etc... from Texas to Maryland.

There is no better place.

The Hackerman-Patz House is "a home away from home —designed with the patient in mind".

My story is long so please ask away..


Please have "Faith"