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Finding Nemo

Hello everyone. Not sure how many of you here have seen Finding Nemo but I just saw it for the first time and I think it is such a great movie for our kids to watch. Nemo was born with a smaller fin, he calls it his "lucky fin" and the movie shows how he can do everything he wants to even with the short fin. It also shows us parents how to let go and trust that our precious little angels can do anything and everything they want. I think it is a great movie to watch with your children. Just thought I would share.


You are so right. I thought the same thing! It is my sons favorite movie.

We watched Nemo when it fist released. At the time the "special fin" had no personal meaning to us. That would change. Did you notice the only person that put physical limits on Nemo was his parent? Strangers had more faith in his abilites. That was the lesson for me after watching it again once our second child was born 01 MAR 06 with sever PFFD.

I got very emotional in the cinema watching that film!,, what a wonderful film though!


I'm a 29-year-old with bilateral PFFD. I saw Finding Nemo several years ago when "Santa" brought it on DVD for my nephew. I cried because it felt so good to see someone like me (even if it was an animated fish) on screen. It's still one of my favorites, and whenever I get into a self-pity mode, I watch it.

Hi Maria,
i watched Finding Nemo a while back with my fiancée after i bought it her as present. What a great movie, such a rollercoaster of emotions, sadness and lot's of joy. When Nemo's smaller fin was mentioned, i got a big "Awwww he's like you," from Alex. As well as my bilateral pffd, i was born with only half my left arm. So i have my very own lucky fin :) I suppose you could say i have 3 really.
I used to do quite a lot of competitive disabled swimming when i was younger and none of my little fins, arm or legs, stopped me.
You might say i was like a little fish. This is a brilliant movie for kids to see, not just because it is a fantastic family film, but that it also shows in a simple way that having a difference doesn't stop you, and you can do anything you set your mind to.

Dave Bailey