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Plasma Car - Ride on Toy

We just wanted to let people know about the Plasma Car, a ride on toy for kids. It's perfect for kids that have difficulty pedaling other ride on toys. There are no pedals and no batteries. Kids propel the car forward by swiveling the steering wheel back and forth. It drives on a smooth, flat surface. Our 3 year old daughter has bilateral PFFD and wears a prosthesis on one leg. My husband made some adjustments to a tricycle to see if she could pedal it with one foot, resting the other leg on a stationary rod. However, it has been difficult for her to do by herself at this point. She loves to play outside and we had been searching for a ride on toy she could control by herself. I saw the Plasma Car in a toy catalog and got it for her birthday in February. She loves it. She can get on by herself, put her legs out straight in front and start turning the wheel to make it go zooming down the driveway and around in circles. It is a wonderful ride on toy for any child that has a difficult time with pedals since you control it completely with your arms. All kids love it. I just noticed that Target is selling it online now. You can search the web to see pictures and even a demonstration of it in action.


Hi, We live in the UK and found these last summer. We call them didicar's over here. they are fantastic and we'd highly recommend them!

Also to add - we found a website for a company who make dolls with Prosthetic limbs. Click on the SEW ABLE DOLLS link. You can also buy wheelchairs, walking frames, gym mats and even parallel bars!
I think they are based in New York. Our daughter had surgery in January and it was a fantastic learning tool as well as new friend for her. Has anyone else found them? Jo X

[Ed: added link to site]

Yes, we found those dolls too. We actually bought one last year but decided to wait until our daughter was a little older to give it to her. I think we'll give it to her this Christmas. Glad to hear you've discovered the plasma car too. They are great!


Oh, my, those dolls are adorable and so special. I want!

We are considering adopting a 4 year-old girl with BPFFD, and she is really "girly," into dolls and hairstyles and the whole thing. These would be perfect for her...but I probably won't spend that kind of money until we make a final decision.

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