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Dr. Paley or Dr. Herzenberg

For people who have been to the Baltimore surgeons...I was wondering if you saw just one doctor on your visits there or are you exposed to multiple ones. I have heard great things about the group there and wondered if they work as a team or if you just stick with one person. Do people have preferences over Dr. Paley or Dr. Herzenberg?

Hi there!

We just met with Dr. Paley but I do know that sometimes they can work as a team and sometimes they just have their own patients. In any case, they are a wonderful group who specialize in treatments for limb length discrapancies and some believe them to be the best in the world. Dr. Paley lifted a huge weight off our shoulders when we met with him and, though we know it won't be the easiest road we have ahead, we know that our daughter will be in the best hands! :)


We see one doctor when we are in Baltimore..........but more than one is usually in on all of our daughter's surgeries. Sometimes it is a learning experience, sometimes it is a consultation, and other times it is just to see of the surgeon needs an extra hand. I LOVE this hospital. It is our fourth facility in finding treatment for our daughter and I wouldn't trade them for anything.