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My best gift arrive on Christmas day...

Hi my name is sonia and i am the mother of a beautiful little girl named kiara. Kiara was born at full gestation and we found out that she was missing a toe the day she was born christmas day December 25 of 2000, to our surprise Kiara wasn't just missing a toe she was also missing her fibula in her right leg and she had a small bowing and also a shorter femur. Since then I did all the research i could, we visited Children's hospital in Boston and we drove up to shriners hospital in Springfield. We opted to have physical therapy at home and kiara started to walk with a shoe lift at age of 16 months old, She had a small surgery at 11months old to release her tendon and again at age 3. She is now 5yrs old and after meeting with several doctors we decided to do her first leg lenghtening of 8cm. Its a road that its hard to walk on but so far kiaras leg has grown almost 2cm, she has pain and pin care is far from fun...
We have a wonderful family supporting us 100%, I have seen my daughter teaching me about what being a parent is all about without knowing that she is...every step that we take we look back and thank God and Kiara for the strength that we are given.

I will keep everyone posted how she does please don't hesitate to write us we would love to help or be helped by any of your comments and letters.

with care


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Thank you for sharing your story. Your daughter is so beautiful. It is nice to hear about someone elses journey when Im going through a similar situation with my son Romie. Tomorrow we will be visiting shriners for the 2nd time, i hope to get more information on the lengthening procedure because I am nervous. I was just wondering what hospital you chose to have her surgery done at?

hi romie and Family,

Kiara is doing great she started physical therapy. Her surgery was done at children's hospital in Boston with Dr. Brian Snyder it lasted 8hrs due to her bones being so small.
anything we can help let us know.

take care

Kiara and Family


She is absolutly beautiful. I am so happy to see your daughters story. It is of great comfort to me. I am so scared for my daughter and what her life will be. She is 3 months old and the bigger that she gets the more i am becomming aware of how short her legs really are. Please if you have the time take a look at my daughters pitures on my blog. I dont want this to come out wrong but do you have a piture that you could share with me of your daughters brace? that she has on her leg. I saw the bottom of it on your first picture and I am just wondering if I could see more of it. I am sorry if that sounds bad I really just dont know much about what my daughter has in store for her later down the road.
thank you,
heather cords