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Non-surgical bone lengthening?

Wow, amazing stuff!! Could it be just around the corner? Could we drastically limit the number of sugeries our daughter needs to have by implanting this device in her femur? Wow, here's for hoping.

It seems some engineers/scientists in Alberta have developed a pea-sized device that emits ultrasound waves and stimulates bone growth. It was actually developed as a means to "re-grow" teeth, but they suspect there may be some applicability to bone lengthening. What a miracle, and doubly so if this could be applied to PFFD cases.


If this device can be perfected it would definetly be the answers to a lot of prayers. Let's just keep sending those prayers up that technology will catch up for our kids as it has for so many others. Thanks for sharing that ray of sunshine!

Oh that would just brighten my entire life. Im gonna pray so hard for this one. Thanx for giving us some new info on things to look forward to.