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Hi, 23 yr old pff female

hi, i am a 23 yr old pff. im not sure what class i am but i do know that when i was a baby an operation was performed to remove my foot, and i was left with a stump. i grew up very very normal, so for any parents out there who might fear for their children, dont. my mother treated me like a regular kid, and as long as you do the same, your child will grow up as normal as the other kids. i never had an issue regarding my leg, or rather the lack of my leg. i was very active growing up and till this day, i do not really consider myself any different than lets say you. i am in the process of getting a new prosthesis though, which is how i came across this website.i was reading a few of the comments and figuered, let me sign up, hey maybe i could offer some advice, be a shoulder for someone to lean on,since ive been "around the block". Or maybe have one of you guys provide me with some information. i am also looking into getting more information on hip surgery,um, im not sure what the success rates are for someone my age though, if the outcome will leave me worse off or not. if anyone out there can reach out and help me out, or if i can be of assistance, just shoot me an email and ill be more than happy...peace. NANII.

Hi, My daughter has pffd...I do appreciate hearing from you. We treat Sami like our other 2 kids...but, it's nice to hear that you always felt normal. Sami is only 2 1/2...and hasn't had any "peer" issues yet...I do worry about that. I worry about that with my other kids, too. Thanks for posting!