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Not Walking Independently yet

Dear friends,

Hi! iI am a proud mother of Kashvi, my 28 months old daughter who has pffd in her right leg. She was fitted with a prosthesis in April 2006. She has started walking but not yet independently.......... at times i feel this is slow development , but i do not want to push too hard. As i am working i practise with her for 2 hrs after coming back.
Is it okay if she takes this much time? I am getting worried and do not know who to take advise from? As many of u r experienced please tell me how to deal with this.
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wud be waiting for your reply.


Hello there,

From what I have read and learned, they walk when they are ready! Your daughter will start to walk on her own when she feels comfortable enough to do so. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do to push them along. If you are becoming anxious, I have heard that there is physical therapy that can be done to teach them how to use the prosthesis, the shoe lift, etc. Other than that, just hang in there! I know it can be frustrating but just take comfort in knowing that if she is not ready, she is not ready. I know a little boy who is 20 months, does not have PFFD and is not walking yet. They do things on their own terms...