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Time to decide

Hi, My son has an important appointment at Shrieners next month. The prosthetisis said at our last appointment 4 months ago that this next appointment would be used to decide on treatment and schedule surgery. Needless to say I am so nervous, my stomach turns every time I think about April 18th! We are looking at a very big discrepincy in my son's leg, unilateral pffd with a "slim chance" for hip development. Our Drs say that symes amputation would be the best course of action and we are feeling confident with that. I was confussed with one thing that the prosthetisis said during the last appt, he said that he did not recomend knee fushion with the symes amputatuion and that he believed it did not help with function. Does anyone have any opinions on this or good questions that I could bring up at this appointment? Also I recently came across a story about a man with pffd who had a ball fused on his hip socket, is this an option? This particular site where I found this info was so uplifting, I recommend checking it out, it gave me so much optimism! Thanks for any info or suggestions. By the way my little guy is doing so well, he is sitting up, rolling all over the house, and doing this little backwards crab crawl that is very cute. He is now 7 months old and is a very funny baby!