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so, I don't understand the A, B, C and D classification. Is A like a mild form and D extreme? I asked my parents and they don't know what I am either. So, I'll just explain it... I was born with out the Ball of my hip (I have a socket), my femur was a lot shorter, and my knee was pretty much normal, it's a little smaller and has a tiny knee cap though compared to the other one though. Anyone know what that falls under maybe...I'm just curious because I'm trying to search for people similar to me.

I am attaching (to my blog) a simple graphic that I find helpful to understand the classifications. I cannot attach it to this so go to my blog and I think you will find it helpful.

Caption for graphic: The Aitken classification of proximal femoral focal deficiency. In type A, a small portion of the femur is deficient below the femoral head. In type B, the segment is absent or larger. In type C, the femoral head is absent and the acetabulum affected, while in type D, the femoral head and the acetabulum are absent.

My babies is described exactly as you did, no ball on hip and tiny knee cap, and our doctor said she would be classified as A/B. It is a rough estimate scale. I think the length descrepency has a bit to do with the classification as well. D is the most severe. Thanks for sharing your story!

Let us know if you still have questions after seeing this page