Riding a Bike

I thought you'd like to see a video of my daughter riding her bike. We use an "extension prosthesis" - what some call an "prosthosis" or a "Moseley-type device." The ankle is hinged and it allows nearly full mobility which she uses when riding the bike. The small length of the pedal arm means that she can use her shorter femur to lever the pedal.



We tried various programs to

We tried various programs to view the video but it seems to only be an audio file. Can you attach it again? Our daughter also wears a Mosely type prosthesis and is learning to ride a bike. Her prosthesis does not bend enough for her to pedal with that leg but she is doing great at pedaling with one leg.

New movies

I took a few new movies in a different format - let me know if they come out for you.

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